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Click-To-Talk Buttons

Only $9.95/month with unlimited button placement!

Each Click to Talk button comes with its own set of HTML code and self-programmable voicemail boxes, that include all the features of our
standard voicemail service with email, web login, real-time call detail reports, caller id, call tracking, form input tracking, ip and phone blockings and much more.


Pricing Per Button:

$ 19.95 - Setup
$   9.95 - Per month
$     .10 - Per minute
(flat rate, in-state, out-state, US only)

Industry Price Comparsion Chart

Includes: Multi-line service so there is never a busy signal, unlimited calls, unlimited transfers, unlimited voicemails, unlimited emails.

You may cut-n-paste the same HTML or Button Code in an unlimited number of places or web pages. Each button contains its own ring-to location, availability scheduling, voicemail box, and email notification.

Why Use a Click To Talk Web Callback Buttons?
Using a Click-4-Help Button will enhance sales acquisitions from your website.  It can help you to turn visitors into actual customers.  It help to separates you from the competition.  Helps to drive sales traffic from your website to your phone lines. Plus all of the following Additional Benefits. 


Click 4 Help - Talk Buttons
click to talk, web callback, call me now

Auto-Attendant -Virtual Office
inbound menus with live call transfer routing, message taking, and virtual PBX services. 

Information Hotlines
inbound menus with long info messages played, anonymous whistle blower hotlines with voice changing and recording for Sarbanes-Oxley type applications.

Payment Processing Terminals
credit card processing, ach check processing, virtual terminals, POS software, POS hardware, IVR terminals / touch-tone terminals, merchant accounts, and e-commerce.

Automated Bill Collector
outbound dialer with auto-attendant and payment processing combined.  System will call your past due clients, tell them how much they own, and then give them to option to pay by check or credit card.

Outbound Dialer
calls outbound list and plays message, gives options, transfers to live person, take message, and tracks status of every call.

Telephone Mystery Shopping
Toll free number that routes outbound calls while recording entir conversion anonymously as a mystery shopper

Web Callback Benefits:
Increases your Customer's Satisfaction

Increases your Website's Responsiveness

Increases your Visitor's Interaction

Turns website viewers into actual phone callers

Easy to Use, Just Click and Submit Callback Number

Helps You Easily Provide Live Online Help

Only High Quality Phone to Phone Based Calls

Allows for Pay Per Call Advertising and Tracking

Code inserts into buttons, banner ads, and even emails

Code is easy to use and requires very little tweaking

Integrates with Other Services
Integrates with Voicemail, Email, Fax Voice Recording and Payment Processing Services. 

Talk Button With Payment Processing is a Big Hit
Talk Buttons can be used with payment processing for a Click-4-Advice type of service where you make payment over the phone and then get transferred to an expert. When combining talk button with payment processing you get can create any Pay-Per-Call scenario you can imagine


Voicemail Services
voicemail accounts, live call transfers, voicemail to email, email/pager/cell notification.

Email Services
SMTP, POP3, web-mail, virtual email servers,  hosted email accounts, and private label email.

Fax Services
inbound fax lines, fax to email, fax to fax, fax on demand, fax menus, fax broadcasting, fax removal lists.

Recording Services
Third Party Verification, Verbal Contracts, Phone Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Conversation Recording. 

Custom IVR Applications
customize your own apps using our inbound call processor, outbound dialer, call recorder, voicemail/email/fax systems, IVR programming and voice talent services.

Voice Talent Services
custom recorded greetings, IVR prompts, menus, instructions, and any other needed voice prompts.

Toll Free & Local Numbers
inbound toll free and local numbers, free setup

Live Call Centers
inbound and outbound call center apps

instant callback popup button
With Name and Email Address Fields

click button for instant call back 

scheduled callback popup button

Scheduled Callbacks, Wake-up Calls, and Appointment Reminders

click button for scheduled call back 

instant callback form

Phone Number
To Dial NOW!


Click Button for Instant Callback


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Phone Support
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