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What is a Fax-Box?
Fax-box is your very own dedicated fax phone number without having an extra telephone line. Anyone can send you a fax 24 hours a day. It is converted and forwarded to you as an e-mail attachment. You can retrieve your faxes simply by checking your e-mail.

Can Anyone Send Me a Fax?
Anyone who wants to send you a fax can simply dial your Fax-box or Fax To E-mail telephone number just as they would a regular fax machine. The Fax-Box system receives the fax and automatically forwards it to any e-mail address you provide. Safe. Secure.

How to I Retrieve My Faxes?
Retrieving your faxes is as easy as checking your e-mail. Just click on the attached file and a fax viewer will open. You can save, print, forward or delete the fax right then. 

Why use Fax-Box?

  • Less expensive than a dedicated fax telephone line
  • Access to your faxes anywhere in the world
  • No more misplaced paper faxes
  • Archive faxes indefinitely on your computer
  • Only print the ones you want
  • Easily forward to associates
  • Check E-mail and Faxes at the same time
  • Allow for Unified Messaging
  • Doesn't jam or run out of paper
  • High capacity, receive multiple faxes
  • Secure - No faxes lying around for wandering eyes
  • In Touch - 24 hour access to faxes
  • Backup Retained on Server
  • Save Costs on Paper and Ink
  • Fax to E-mail Guarantees Delivery
  • Get Your Faxes Away From Home

Fax-Box Pricing
One-Time Setup Fee.............................$9.95
Monthly Fee.........................................$9.95

What is Fax On Demand?
Fax On Demand, also known as Fax Back and Interactive Fax Response, enhances the service you already offer to your callers. When you receive a request for information, you manually fax or mail out literature. With fax on demand, your prospective customer can request information about your company or products delivered to their fax machine, automatically within minutes, 24 hours a day. 

Why offer Fax On Demand?
The fax machine is the most widely used telecommunications device, second only to the telephone. 98% of all businesses have access to a fax machine and will continue to use it because it is easy and quick. With the proliferation of the Home Office-based employee and entrepreneur, fax machines are now common in homes as well. Fax on demand reaches the business and home market and delivers right now for the lowest cost.

Save Time - Your callers get their information immediately without waiting for mail. Your employees spend less time waiting in line at the fax machine.

Save Money - Mailing a 4-page brochure can cost as much as $2.50 when you consider postage, printing, envelope and labor. A 4-page fax can be sent for one tenth that cost.

How can I Start using Fax On Demand?
You can begin delivering information for as little as $7.95/mo per document box plus delivery cost. A document box contains one document with up to 10 pages and can be combined with various menus and voicemail boxes to create a complete information center.

Fax Broadcasting
Automated Outbound Faxing to pre-defined list of fax numbers. Call Status Reports Available.  Call for custom quote for your next fax broadcasting campaign.

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